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Abby Gough’s new CD, “Southern Fire Angel” – now on sale!

featuring……………………. “I KNOW” …………….written by: Abby

Abby was born on February 5, 1997 in Houston, Texas.   She is the youngest of three children, all girls. Abby was raised where she currently lives on the east side of Houston, Texas in an area called Northshore.   She started singing solos at a very early age in church.   By age nine, she began sharing the stage at a small local opry in Jacinto City, Texas, with her father and her grandfather, both musicians and singers.   Being deeply rooted in country music, she started out singing classics by her favorite traditional country artists Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, Merle Haggard and many others. At age 11, Abby taught herself to play guitar.  As Abby grew older and matured, so did her love of country music. She began to include some modern country music into her repertoire including songs from some newer artists such as Miranda Lambert, Jennifer Nettles, and Martina McBride.  Abby has become a well-rounded artist and song writer entertaining audiences at many various venues all over the Houston Area.   She has been on Great Day Houston with Deborah Duncan twice and appears at venues such as oprys, benefits, community centers, local clubs and others. She has been honored to grace the stages in Houston with such legendary local artists as Kelly Schoppa, Randy Meadows, Randy Corner, Buck Sloan, Donnie Presswood, and many more.

In Recent Years

As Abby has grown into a beautiful young woman her voice too, has grown into a beautiful and powerful instrument. She has begun to write her own lyrics and music. She has become an all-around talented artist and songwriter penning many of her own songs.  In March of 2012 Abby released her first  CD “Southern Fire Angel” with seven of her songs including the title track.



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